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Skill-Development Programs need a Rework; Punjab gets ready for new Educational Reforms.

Punjab gets ready for new Educational Reforms!

Skill-Development Programs need a Rework

The pandemic has made drastic revolutionary changes in almost all industries, especially in the manufacturing industries. Manufacturers are blending technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, analytics, AI, and machine learning into their production activities. As new roles have emerged, there is a huge demand for the skills as well. To tackle this skill gap, the restructuring of employee training or skill development courses is the way forward to prosperity in business and employee stability.

To be in pace with the fast-moving world, we have to be equipped with new-age skills. It’s essential that we recognize the skill gaps and then work on improving those lacking skills. Read more.

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Punjab gets ready for new Educational Reforms

Amarinder Singh, Punjab Chief Minister has established a committee of University VCs across the state to formulate examination reforms and review and revise existing curriculums. This is in response to the advancement happening across the globe in terms of Skills and Technology. 

The committee chaired by the VC of Guru Nanak Dev University will soon be looking into introducing new digital education to the State’s higher education systems. Meanwhile, the chief minister also launched online courses for the Punjabi population spread across the world to promote their native language. Read more.

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Britannia’s partnership with NSDC to strengthen the entrepreneurship dreams of homemakers

Britannia Marie Gold has again partnered with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) for the second season of its initiative ‘Britannia Marie Gold My Startup’.

In the first season, they conducted a survey in 2018 to understand the sentiments of the Indian homemakers, and the survey revealed that about 50% of them wanted to be entrepreneurs. “That had led us to put together the debut season, where we rewarded 10 best ideas with a seed capital of Rs.10 Lakh each,” Vinay Subramaniam, the vice president for marketing at Britannia Industries recalled.

This time the company developed a complete 40-hour online module on entrepreneurship for around 10,000 women across the country. Britannia got around 1.5 million entries from across the country. Read more.

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“Non-inclusive” teaching patterns of the Indian education system

Indian education needs to be inclusive for differently-abled students. When the nationwide lockdown has created so much havoc among students, have you ever stopped to think about how students with visual, hearing, or any other learning disability would have gone through the situation? It doesn’t mean that the conditions were favorable earlier, but the pandemic has exposed the severe lack of academic infrastructure for these differently-abled students in Indian universities. Our authorities should adopt some long-term measures that will address the needs of all learners. Especially in such a challenging time, the government should ensure that digital education that is being imparted in schools and universities is being made available to ‘all learners equally’! Read more.

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