Ambuja cement provides skill training with NABARD; Soft skills bridge the gap of education and employability


Ambuja cement provides skill training with NABARD

Ambuja Cement Foundation collaborates with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). Together they will employ the skill initiative project’s second phase. This phase will help them increase their employability. The Gramya Vikas Nidhi has a fund for the development of off-farm sector activities. This fund will be used to assist the skill development through the project. 4,000 youths have currently benefited through the project and hope to reach 19 locations for two years in 12 trades. Skill training, soft skills, and leadership skills will be the main points of the project. A placement awaits all those who have completed the project. Read more.

Soft skills bridge the gap of education and employability 

Soft skills are the most important interconnection between education and employability. It is what helps an employee to execute effectively at his job. Communication, collaboration, creative and strategic thinking are the core points of soft skills. While this has always been a known factor, the pandemic has brought out the urgency of soft skills. Inter-personal skills are also important in the workplace which is often forgotten. So to effectively complete your tasks it is important to equip that with your educational knowledge. Soft skills may be the solution to bridge the gap between education and employability. Entry-level jobs especially put an emphasis on soft skills, thus try to brush up on them. Read More.