Bridging the gap between Recruitment and Employability; Summit on new-age skills for students


Bridging the gap between Recruitment and Employability 

The National Occupational Standards suggests that 90% of the market jobs need skills and a bit of knowledge. However, on the contrary, 90% of the people graduating out of schools/colleges have knowledge but they lack skills. Unemployability is notably a bigger challenge than unemployment, and hence skills are slowly substituting degrees to define the employability of an individual. The rate of unemployment among postgraduates is 36.2% and 35.2% among graduates. 

It’s high time for the NSDC to create more awareness and opportunities, as its current rate of placements is only 12%. Skills are the need of the hour, and skill development is the only way forward! Read more.

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Summit on new-age skills for students

Telangana Academy of Skills and Knowledge (TASK) partnered with Telangana State Innovation Cell (TSIC), X Billion Skills Lab, and The United Nations Young Changemakers Conclave (UNYCC) to address the skill gap of students in the state. The TASK summit on ‘21st-century workplace skills’ trained around 10,000 students on the new technology-driven world of work. Shrikant Sinha, CEO of, TASK said that the summit discussed the importance of some key skills (apart from academic and technical skills) like agility, creativity, critical thinking, negotiation, emotional intelligence, collaboration, and so on. This online program was also telecast live on the TSAT Nipuna channel. Read more.

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Demand for IT Skills on the rise in India – Quess

According to a study by Quess, a noted business solutions provider, there has been a rise in demand for IT skills in India, and their report reveals that the skill demand grew by 22.5% from October 2020 to March 2021. As per the Quess statement, the topmost high-demand- skills are Full Stack; React JS; Cloud Infra Technologies; Angular JS, and Android Developers. It is even more thought-provoking to realize that even technology platforms like Salesforce, SAP HANA, and ServiceNow too experience a rise in demand for IT skills. Read more.

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India’s Skill Gap – a cause for concern: Internshala Report

Internshala Trainings, the e-learning branch of Internshala, presented a report highlighting the skill gap of Indian students. As per the report, 65% of students were enrolled for technical training and only 35% of enrolments were made in non-technical training during 2020-2021. The issue here is the fact that students’ learning patterns are not aligning with industries’ needs – more employers are hiring for non-technical profiles rather than technical jobs. As per the report, 81% of all the internships posted on Internshala were for non-technical profiles. “We would encourage the students to learn those skills that are currently in-demand among employers,” said Sarvesh Agrawal, the founder, and CEO of Internshala Trainings. Read more.