Leveraging the Power of Apprenticeships – A NETAP Event

India Apprenticeship Forum and NETAP Take Centre...

Do Employers See ROI in Apprenticeships?

‘For each dollar spent on apprenticeships, how...

How This Govt Program Is Changing Rural Odisha

This is the stuff dreams are made of. Poonam...

Addressing skill shortages through Training and HR Development

“Buhler is a multinational enterprise with HQ in Switzerland. Its Indian arm has been battling a 5% attrition (it’s much lower than the industry average) and wanted to address skill shortages in key areas.
This case study is about how Buhler decided to use the path of apprenticeships intelligently to bring in training and HR development intervention to derive business benefits through people driven policies.

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Making the apprenticeship levy count – 3 case studies

Is there a connection between apprenticeships and Learning & Development? Some of the industry leaders believe so.
Companies are looking at redesigning their L&D programs to not just up the learning ability of the organization and getting that extra edge,

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Why a Major Hotel Chain Is Offering Apprenticeships

Think of the word “apprentice”. What’s the image that springs immediately to mind? Apprentices today span a gamut of industries including the hospitality industry, and not just carpentry or construction. Sample the case of Tanner Saur, who with a master’s degree in...

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