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Training market on the up; One woman’s resolve empowers rural women

One woman helps empower the women of rural India

The need for business growth will help grow the training market

HTF MI’s 2021 research report predicts the Global Soft Skills Training market to grow for the period of 2021-2027. The study titled ‘Global Soft Skills Training Market’ was sourced from primary data and secondary resources. The skill gap and the high number of graduates are contributing to the expanding market. Educational institutions are expected to adopt advanced training methods which will help improve student skills. Soft skills training among industries will enhance as companies chart out business expansion plans. SMEs and various industry verticals also guarantee easy growth for the market. Read more.

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One woman’s resolve empowers rural women

While digitization takes over the world, rural India has still not been able to pick up basic computer skills. So K. Meena, former vice-chancellor of Bharatidasan University has been volunteering her personal resources to educate women in villages about its benefits. Even though by 2021 there has been a major improvement in rural India, it still needs someone to help them benefit from the same. Meena is experienced in both academic and administrative capacities and is very well equipped to undertake this task. She hopes to employ more women through vocational training, having pursued computer science even when it hadn’t picked up in India. Read more

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The new education policy will see many changes in India

The declaration of the new education policy in July 2020 was of great significance for India. Firstly, NEP 2020 replaces a 34-year-old policy of 1986 and secondly, educationists have hailed this policy as a path-breaking and progressive reform. The much-awaited changes in the school and higher education system might become possible through this policy. But it is not without resistance – the emphasis on our mother tongue even though the world is run in English is one of the main negatives of the new policy. The policy contains other very positive proposals which will help take the Indian education system to new heights. Read more.

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Skill gaps are pushing working people towards skill training

Digitization is a very fast-paced process, and with that comes the various changes in knowledge demands for employability. Working people are looking for updated skills with the help of online courses, study groups, and career fairs. The pandemic has brought down the employability opportunities and shot up the skill demands. Big organizations want their workforce to be the best; hence a conscious push for the competition is observed. There is a goal and with that digitization is also providing resources to close the skill gaps. Technology-based businesses require a slightly different set of skill sets. Read more.

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Skill training sponsorship in J&K

The Jammu and Kashmir Tribal Affairs Department will be sponsoring 250 students for skill development training. The skill requirements in the emerging markets are the focus of this skill development initiative. One sector is the aviation sector which currently faces a shortage of employees. Then is the healthcare sector, which has taken a hit due to the pandemic and urgently requires more hands at bay. Students interested in the sectors of journalism, MBA, MCA and Engineering will also be given ample opportunities. Tribal Affairs Department Secretary Shahid Iqbal Choudhary speaks about the training in detail. Read more.

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