Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Future job roles will require new skill sets; Wage hike for vocational trainers

Future job roles will require new skill sets

A 2019 United Nations report showed that Generation Z will need to possess different skill sets to stay relevant in the emerging markets. The primary move should be taken by the higher education service providers with respect to what is taught in tune with the future job markets. The technological advancements have really put a damper on millions of jobs that were previously done by humans, which in the future will be taken over by machines. This revolution will also in turn make available 97 million new job roles. The upcoming changeover will be what is going to create the skill-set gaps. Read more.

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Wage hike for vocational trainers

Efficient vocational trainers are required to provide quality vocational training. The Jammu and Kashmir government has observed a deficit in the before mentioned job role. This may be because of the lower wages they are awarded. Hence the government will be proposing the same to the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) for approval. This enhancement of wages has been long-awaited and would hopefully attract more people into this job role. NSDC is the corporation that engages such trainers. Read more.

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