The National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) was announced last October as the new regulator for skills training and development – replacing two existing regulators- the National Skills Development Agency and the National Council for Vocational Training. The move was to bring in a single body to harmonise and strengthen the role of the skills regulator. Towards this, another newly formed government entity – the Cabinet Committee on Employment and Skill Development is now in the process of filling up the top positions within the NCVET- the Chairman and around 10 serving members. 

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The NCVET’s primary job would be to regulate and set minimum standards for all establishments involved in short-term or long-term vocational skills training and skills-based education. It is envisaged that focused regulatory oversight will make amends for the disharmony and misalignment in the curricula, assessment and certification processes existing across skills training institutes in India. A stronger regulatory presence will help raise the profile of skills training, encourage more private sector participation and bring skill development courses closer to industry demand. 

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