Can the EU’s Youth Guarantee Programme Help India?

Informal sector

With controversial estimates of unemployment running at a 45 year high, turning to more mature apprenticeship and vocational skills-based economies for solutions can be part of the new government’s bag of tricks. Such as the European Union’s ‘Youth Guarantee’ scheme- a proven method to scale up skilling for a work-ready workforce.

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So what is Youth Guarantee and can it be adapted to the Indian context? It is definitely not another ‘guarantee’ scheme. Youth Guarantee is in fact a framework to synthesise government skilling initiatives at the grass-root level. Decentralisation is key here, to make local authorities take ownership of skill development of all youth in their respective localities. How can this take effect in India? One suggestion is to offer skill development opportunities through apprenticeships or other forms of skills training to every individual under the age of 30 within four months of signing up to the scheme. Find all other suggestions  here