Building Skills Awareness in Rural India

Rural India

Over 66% of India’s population is rural and of the 11 million Indians who lost jobs in 2018, over 80 percent of those losses occurred in rural India. What has led to this alarming crisis? A severe lack of formal vocational skills training in India’s hinterlands is subjecting India’s rural populace to a gross disservice. The irony is that there is no shortage of skilling schemes. Then what is going on? Besides administrative and infrastructure problems in rural areas for skills training to take real effect, a major challenge is an acute lack of awareness of skilling programmes to begin with. What can be done to make rural India see the value of vocational skills as a way out of unemployment and non-aspirational jobs? A multi-stakeholder concerted effort is required to take skills training to every part of the country. What can industry, public-private-partnerships like the National Skill Development Corporation, and social enterprises like AISECT further do to advance skills training in rural India? Find out here
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