Women more employable than men in 2021 India

Women empowerment

Wheebox conducted the India Skills Report (ISR) for the year of 2021. The results were an encouraging revelation owing to the improving gender gap in employability that still persists in India. Women only occupy 36 percent of the Indian workforce while men occupy a staggering 64 percent. According to the ISR report 46.8 percent women are employable versus 45.91 percent men, making 2021 a giant step towards gender equality in India.

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As per Wheebox, the lead is mainly due to women employment in the Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) which comes to 46 percent. Indian digital revolution has also been making great strides as 39 percent women are in internet based businesses. Also the most employable age group was found to be between 18-21 at over 40 percent. Read more.