Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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What Job Creation Needs in India

With a new government at the helm, all eyes are turned towards making India the Skill Capital of the world and reaping benefits from the huge demographic dividend the country is blessed with. From Skill India to Digital India, a plethora of skilling initiatives were rolled out by the previous government. One hopes the ambition and fervour towards skill building will continue unabated. What effect can apprenticeships have in taking India closer to its mass skilling ambitions? Suggestions are offered to have a National Apprenticeship Corporation and a National Matching Platform. What are they? And what further changes can be made to the Apprentice Act to make apprenticeships more pervasive and far-reaching? For real impact on the ground, another key suggestion is decentralisation and shifting power to state capitals. Only then will meaningful job creation take place making a real difference to the common man. Find out more what Rituparna Chakraborty, EVP & Co-Founder, TeamLease Services, thinks needs to happen for India to spur the jobs it badly needs. 

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