Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Home Articles Upward mobility for students through vocational training; Rescuing youths from drug abuse

Upward mobility for students through vocational training; Rescuing youths from drug abuse

Emergence of EdTech startups

Upward mobility for students through vocational training

Two six-month vocational programmes are being introduced at Goa University. The programmes are initiated with the approval of the University Grants Commission (UGC). The programmes will be a pre-requisite to pursue a bachelor’s and later a master’s degree in the vocational stream. UGC hopes the programmes would provide upward mobility to students taking part. One of the two programmes would be fundamentals of computers and networking and the second would be advanced instruments, gadgets and appliances. The only eligibility is clearing Class XII from any stream. Those who completed 10th are also eligible to apply for the programmes. Priority will be given to class 12th students and then to class 10th students. Read more.

Rescuing youths from drug abuse

Delhi Police’s centre for skill development provides training for youths with drug abuse issues. The programme is termed ‘Yuva’ coordinated by the Delhi Police. The skill development training will provide economic help to these strayed youths. Their rehabilitation will be under the observation of the Delhi police. The programme was introduced for the ‘International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’ day. Five skill training centres in five different districts will be providing the programme. The ill impacts of drug abuse on youth were deeply discussed by the police. The commissioner advised the youth to not fall into drug abuse as it would be a slippery slope. Read more.

The emergence of EdTech startups

The Digital revolution has greatly helped the global economy. Artificial intelligence, automation and digitalization have become the new norm of educational delivery channels. Education has been delivered in almost the same way for centuries. COVID-19 has really boosted the penetration of digital technologies. education technology is commonly known as EdTech. Teachers’ resistance to trying new digital tools and students’ and parents’ perceptions that education cannot be delivered online have been the two main obstacles of edtech. Due to the lack of alternatives EdTech was really put into the spotlight. In India, edtech has $5 bn in private equity investments. Investing in EdTech start-ups will be able to combine profit with purpose. Read more.

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