Unemployed youth get placed in the healthcare sector after training from the Delhi police; NCTE postpones ‘Integrated Teacher Education Programme’

Delhi police trained unemployed youth and placed them in the healthcare sectors

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Unemployed youth get placed in the healthcare sector after training from the Delhi police

Under the Delhi police’s YUVA initiative, more than 300 unemployed youth were trained in general duty assistance and emergency medical services, and are now ready to be deployed at hospitals and laboratories as assistance to the health care workers of the state. 

The city police are also working closely with hospitals, laboratories to discuss how youths can be effectively utilized in the health care sectors as lab technicians, ambulance drivers, and so on. They can be utilized during the vaccination drives, at Covid care centers/ hospitals too. 

It is reported that DCPs are fixing the list of unemployed youths in their respective states. “These youths will be given medical course training and they will be placed,” officials confirmed. Read more.

NCTE postpones their ‘Integrated Teacher Education Programme’

The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) postponed its plan to start a four-year Integrated Teacher Education Programme (ITEP), which was supposed to have started in the 2021-2022 academic year. 

The vision behind the ITEP course is to integrate a B.Ed. degree with basic B.A. or B.Sc. degrees so that students who wish to pursue B.Ed. after their bachelor’s degree could save a year.

The lack of consultation among the various stakeholders is said to be the reason for this delay in plans. In the recent general body meeting, the NCET informed that the program will be postponed to the 2022-2023 academic year. Read more.

Today’s students are missing the real education

The pandemic has converted the whole lively learning process to absolutely programmed activities. Students attend only online classes, submit assignments, take tests/exams, and finally, by the end of the academic period get a degree certificate as well. But what’s the point? Students have certificates, but lacks skills. What if a job’s selection criteria include the 4 Cs – communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking? 

Education doesn’t mean learning as many concepts as you can, rather it means the overall development of a child. Education is nothing without acquiring social-emotional skills and imbibing values. It’s high time that parents and teachers are a little more conscious about these little yet precious aspects of education! Read more.

‘I’ll focus on the development of the higher education sector’ says Kerala’s Minister for Higher Education

Minister for Higher Education R. Bindu said that the advancement witnessed by Kerala in the last five years in terms of general education will be now particularly implemented in the higher education sector. She said that she’ll do her best to bring a government college or a technical institute to her constituency. 

Likewise, she also promised to improve the basic facilities of the National Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Kallettumkara, as it could be utilized for providing treatment to more people. And likewise mentioned that the institute will be raised to international standards. Read more.