Time for Change in India’s Vocational Education

Vocational education

With an estimated 109 million skilled workers required to keep 24 key sectors of the economy going, and close to 12 million 16 to 20 year olds embarking on their career paths every year, the race towards skill building has never been more pressing. More so, as less than 10 percent of this young workforce is deemed employable or in other words have the right skills to be relevant to industry demand and to be good at their jobs. 

Unlike the malaise of outdated and non-work oriented curricula across mainstream Indian education, vocational education needs to be job and skill specific in tune with employer demand. At the same time, soft skills and cognitive skills need equal attention to boost a young person’s overall employability quotient. What are the current market trends that vocational education must pay heed to? Which industries stand to gain the most from vocational training? And what are the varied educational methods that can make India’s youth more confident in their abilities and relevant to the world of work? Find out here.