Talent Search Exam Recognises 3000 Students

Training on the job

The Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) in Rajasthan is among a handful of universities in the country committed to the cause of providing a skills-based education and changing the mindset towards vocational training in the state. Given its trailblazing experience with competency-based education the BSDU is now close to being recognised as a poster child which has led it to sign over 50 MoUs with corporates, institutes and other universities across the country. 

The BSDU offers a unique blended learning model where students undergo 6 months of theoretical classes and 6 months of industry training giving them much needed exposure and a step into the real world of work. This experience goes a long way in improving their employability quotient and landing a job even before they finish university.  Another highly commendable option that the BSDU offers is the mobility of easy entry and exit points where students are able to take up work offers in the first semester itself and come back to complete their education at a later point. This kind of agility in the education model is an urgent requirement in the Indian higher education system which we have stated a number of times in our articles. 

The “Talent Search Exam” conducted by the BSDU further enabled deserving students to have a place at the University without having to sit an admission test. The skills and aptitudes of students got assessed during the exam which took place across 75 schools in Rajasthan where nearly 3,000 students participated. The BSDU recognised 72 meritorious students with cash prizes and a direct admission into the University.