Skill India, Start-up India need collaboration with education: UNICEF Executive Director

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The Indian government has taken up different initiatives to upskill the youth of India to make its Make in India movement a success. Some of the flagship initiatives are the Skill India and Start-Up India that aim skill training and education necessary for the employment to the youth. However, the UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore has mentioned that all these programmes need to be integrated with the education system to make it more effective. 

She further mentioned that UNICEF will aim to do its part in imparting skill training to one million people in India every month, and said that the country could be having every youth in training, education or employment by 2030. 

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“We need to reach one million people in India every month. They are becoming 18 years and are looking for jobs, some will go to universities and colleges…We can reach a million in a month. That’s our goal,” she said.