Apprenticeships see hike in stipends

Apprenticeships see hike in stipends

Apprentices can expect 3% more stipends this year, continuing last year’s trend when stipend rates grew by 2.8% despite Covid-19. This data can be attributed to the Stipend Primer Pandemic Special Report released by Teamlease Skills University under their NETAP (National Employability Through Apprenticeship Programme) programme.

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The report has been put together based on data from 1.5 apprentices based across 12 cities and 18 sectors, which also discloses that the monthly average stipend in 2019 was Rs 11.860 approximately and grew to Rs 12,200 in 2020. Sectors like e-commerce and education saw a generous rise of up to 39% in stipend rates, followed by the electronics sector and pharmaceuticals sector which experienced a rise of 17% and 11% respectively.

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On the contrary, FMCG, Engineering, apparel, beauty, fitness and tourism sectors did not recover to even pre Covid levels of stipend. According to Sumit Kumar, Vice President, NETAP which commissioned the research, the growth in stipend rates can be attributed to increasing demand for apprentices in the wake of reverse migration of workers to their home towns during the lockdown. Read more.