NRCCD train 83 youth in employability skill training

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As a part of a CSR initiative, NR Foundation, a non-profit organisation, recently held an employability skill training, the NR Centre for Community Development or the NRCCD, for 83 students from Maharani’s College. The program consisted of a three-month tailoring workshop for Kurubarahalli women who were involved in plastic waste collection, as well as a 10-day paper-bag making workshop for the visually impaired. Out of the 83 students who were a part of this initiative, 15 were trained in tailoring, seven in paper-bag making, and 63 in employability skills, who were also awarded certificates at the completion of the course. The Chairman of NR Group, R Guru, said, ““With this training, we boost their confidence to become employed and run their families.” “The certification program was held to make the students believe in the value of education and skills,” added Kiran Ranga, the Director of NR Group. Read more.

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Launch of Learning Management System in Colleges to Improve Learning and Teaching Outcomes

A pilot version of the Learning Management System or LMS was launched in 11 colleges by Rohit Kansal in Jammu and Kashmir, the Principal Secretary of the Higher Education Department. The online system of LMS via virtual mode was also launched from the Civil Secretariat in Jammu. During the launch, three degree colleges also gave a live demonstration of the LMS. According to Kansal, the objective of this initiative is to improve the outcomes of learning as well as teaching in a way that colleges would shift progressively to complete Enterprise Resource Planning solutions or ERP. LMS will be able to provide education institutes with an online platform for onboarding teachers, evaluation, learning, administration, and inspection which will bring in transparency into the system. Read more.