MSDE to introduce a revised employability skills curriculum

Skills development

In collaboration with Quest Alliance, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), and many other education entities within the MSDE network, the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) unveiled a revised curriculum on employability skills. The programme, which comprises a modified and extended 120-hour curriculum in Hindi and English, will benefit more than 2.5 million students from more than 15,600 government and private Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs). Introductions to employability skills, digital literacy, citizenship, inclusion and diversity, career development and goal setting, getting ready for work, and entrepreneurship is just a few of the modules included in the curriculum. The programme will also assist teachers in upgrading their expertise for modern classrooms and becoming more familiar with pedagogical approaches.

Special skill courses to boost the Economic surge

India is experiencing a generational dividend surge since the country’s student population is increasing annually. India has a sizable population of almost 1.5 billion people, of which 64% are of working age, making it a country with genuinely unmatched economic growth potential. The current efforts have fueled the fire of reducing unemployment creatively with the expansion of skill development schemes from 20 to 40. These specialised skill courses aim to make students employable by giving them both practical training and theoretical knowledge. For young people, there are more work prospects thanks to vocational skill classes. A unique set of abilities is needed that is based on an understanding of how the engine functions to keep up with the newest technology and manage product life cycles. Having an entrepreneurial mindset will help you achieve both success and contentment. The Start-up Indian culture has been doing this, and thankfully, things are changing for good.

Nagaland steps forward with the first pilot School of Excellence 

The first pilot School of Excellence in Skill Development was officially opened at Govt Higher Secondary School, Sechu, Zubza by the Advisor of Labour & Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (L&E, SD&E) – Imnatiba. Addressing the gathering, Imnatiba mentioned that the state’s Employment Department has a total of 90,000 unemployed people on file. She also emphasised the significance of young people developing their vocational and skill sets.

Information Technology (IT) has now moved beyond the physical realm, and the future of employment will be heavily dependent on this industry, Imnatiba said, highlighting the necessity of digital invention. Through this intervention, it is anticipated that the students enrolled in the training programme will attain key competencies in the IT sector as well as enhance their soft skills. The programme will help to make the young adults in the state employable and Increase their skill levels.