HP India survey reveals Hybrid Learning to be new normal; MoU between MSDE and IGNOU

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HP India survey reveals Hybrid Learning to be new normal

With the ease of lockdowns, we are seeing the traditional classroom resuming, but not without taking the benefits of blended learning. A hybrid mode of learning and teaching is on the rise as a preferred medium as revealed by a survey conducted by HP India, HP India Future of Learning Study 2022 – “An overwhelming preference for the Hybrid learning model across students, teachers, and parents, and they want to continue with online learning in some form even after traditional classrooms resume.” The main reason for this shift in learning-teaching model is that students are able to grasp concepts better with longer retention and they are also allowed more personal time where they can pursue other interests. The survey also revealed that students however are also eager to join their peers back in school and take part in sports and other co-curricular activities. Read more.

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MoU between MSDE and IGNOU to link skill development with higher education

According to a new Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship or the MSDE and the Indira Gandhi National Open University, vocational education and training will be linked to higher education for trainees enrolled with National Skill Training Institutes, Jan Shikshan Sansthans, and ITIs for an upward mobility. This will enable students to join 3 year degree programmes of the IGNOU while also accessing higher education. Read more.

EdTech platforms bringing learning to every student, need government support

There is a pressing need for EdTech platforms in the country to have common policies, as pointed out by Union Education Minister. About 10% of EdTech Startups in India have come up just in the past 2 years, all thanks to the boom in this sector in the past two years alone. They were able to take advantage of an opportunity by taking technology in education to every student, be it adult or child, improve outcomes of learning, and also provide skills for tomorrow’s jobs. There is always a priority to strengthen the NEP, skill development, and digital education. The government has come up with initiatives to meet these goals by creating model schools and the National Digital Education Architecture or the NDEA, amending the Apprenticeship Act, and planning to implement the higher education commission. In order to utilise full optimisation of EdTech efforts and operations, the government needs to provide a support ecosystem specific to the sector. Read more.