Data Science and Cloud computing training provided for 5000 underserved youths

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Data Science and Cloud computing training provided for 5000 underserved youths

Skilling in Data Science and Cloud computing was provided for 5000 underserved youth. The students are from Karnataka, Telangana, and Delhi-NCR. The skilling enabled 2000 of them placed in jobs. The placement occurred through a program by IBM in partnership with NASSCOM. NASSCOM is a foundation aimed at making India’s youth future-ready. 23 colleges were looped in with IBM and NASSCOM Foundation. The program included an on-campus, 250 hour-long blended training model that uses online and face-to-face training to build skills in new-age technologies. COVID-based restrictions had turned the program into a completely online mode of education. Read more.

TeamLease EdTech conducts survey on learning loss

The ”Covid-19 Learning Loss in Higher Education” by TeamLease EdTech has brought out some interesting findings. According to their findings, universities and students feel that covid 19 has led to a learning loss for students. Students assume the loss is between 40% and 60% while in reality the loss has been 30% to 40% according to university leaders. This estimate is double the learning poverty estimated by the World Bank and learning loss of G7 countries. TeamLease EdTech has concluded that it may take 3 years to repair this gap. The loss is because of the digital divide, slow governance at government institutions, pre-existing capacity deficits, longer lockdowns than most countries, and weak online teaching/learning content.  Read more.

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Skilling program to train 50,000 teachers

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda make a joint initiative. It is a course called the ‘School Innovation Ambassador Training Program’. The initiative aims to train as many as 50,000 teachers for free. The program is unique because it would inculcate necessary skills related to creative thinking, innovation, and entrepreneurship in school teachers. It would equip the students with soft skills, technical aspects such as IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), design thinking, and product development. The program will take place online and will help make our teachers, change agents, and ambassadors of innovation. Read more.

Ambuja Cement Foundation provides 43 certified courses

Ambuja Cement Foundation has about 35 Skill and Entrepreneurship Training Institutes (SEDI) in 10 states. Through these Skill and Entrepreneurship, Training Institutes Ambuja Cement Foundation has empowered 74,000 youth across the country. This is especially beneficial to a country with an imbalance between supply and demand. In total, the Skill and Entrepreneurship Training Institutes have 43 certified courses in eight sectors with a placement rate of 75%. The Ambuja Cement Foundation hopes to create jobs and close the skills gap not only in urban areas but also in rural India. The Skill and Entrepreneurship Training Institutes primarily focuses on enhancing employability of rural youth through intensive vocational training courses. Read more.