Bridging skill gap through vocational training


The rate of employability in India has seen a sharp decline in the past few years. Talent apt skilling is something that is notably missing in today’s youth. Reports say that 95% of Indian graduates (both technical and non-technical) are unemployable, creating a big reason for concern to the industry-institute gap.

Presently, nearly 80 percent of new entrants to the country’s workforce get little or no opportunity for skills education and only a handful of 2.5 % of our workforce is exposed to formal vocational training.

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Vocational training to bridge the skill gap

Vocational training institutes play a huge role in gaping this skill gap. Hands-on-training or vocational training can help a candidate to upskill themselves and become employable. Several private companies are coming up in the forefront and joining hands with the government departments in offering skill-building programs for the country’s potential workforce in diverse sectors. With such initiatives at large, we can only hope for a better-skilled workforce for the country in the coming years.