Aurobindo Pharma with the training programme for youth


U.N.B. Raju, senior vice president (corporate-HR) at Aurobindo Pharma Limited, stated on Thursday that the business gave residents’ employment a high priority after providing them with skill-oriented training. He gave certificates to 25 youth who had successfully finished a four-month training programme jointly organised by Dr B.R. Ambedkar University and Aurobindo Pharma, and he described how the training in pharmaceutical quality control and analytical methodologies will support the employment boom. The suitable candidates may get in touch with the university and the business for admission into the upcoming training programme, according to senior vice president Rama Srinivas.

Australia with the plan of the revised national immigration programme

Through its revised national immigration programme, Australia intends to address its post-pandemic economic recovery and skill shortages. Skilled immigrants will be able to take advantage of new PR opportunities on Temporary Skill Shortage(TSS) visas. Australia’s immigration programme will reset its allotment of visas on July 1 to coincide with the start of the new fiscal year, offering new opportunities for immigrants. The choice arose as a result of the Labour Party’s promise to favour permanent immigration over temporary immigration. 109,900 new immigrants will be allowed within the categories of skilled independent visas, skilled nominated visas, regional visas, etc., by the levels specified for the Australia Migration Program. Within the next ten years, it’s predicted that Australians of Indian heritage would surpass those of Chinese descent, who currently make up around 7,00,000 of the country’s population. It is noteworthy because they are the second-highest tax-paying immigrant population and make a considerable economic contribution to Australia.

TeamLease research emphasises the significance of apprenticeships in India

According to research by TeamLease Degree Apprenticeship and JustJobs Network, more employers are emphasising the hiring of individuals who have some past job experience, and apprenticeships are playing a critical role in bridging this gap. The report affirms that Indian adolescents do not receive adequate exposure to the workplace while they are in school and that their training and abilities are not sufficiently in line with what the market demands. As per the report, one of the most important steps in closing the skill gap is to double the number of apprentices from 500,000 to 10,000 each year and set a preliminary goal of 10 million apprentices in ten years. Rituparna Chakraborty, the Co-Founder & Executive Director, TeamLease Services, shared the vision that more apprenticeships will help to remould the employment structure in India.

NCVT MIS result 2022 out

The first-year exam results for the Industrial Training Institutes were made public on Thursday by the National Council of Technical Education (NCTE). On, students who took these exams can verify their results. The students’ exams were held in August 2022, and passing requirements included earning at least 40% of the possible points. To obtain their results, students require their roll number, semester, and system. According to NCTE, they can also download their results for further use.The Indian government established the National Council for Vocational Training (formerly known as the National Council of Training in Vocational Trades—NCTVT) as an advisory body in 1956.