50,000 Skilled by Tata Power Skill Development Institute

Power of TATA

In just four years since its launch in 2018 with 208 candidates, Tata Power Skill Development Institute (TPSDI) reached a milestone 50,000 trainees mark earlier in June this year. TPSDI was established with a vision to close the skills gap in the power sector in India and to augment the employability quotient of its trainees both in the power sector and other allied industries such as Renewables. 

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Operating as a not-for-profit, TPSDI started by training blue-collared workers and others from economically weak backgrounds. However, it has since expanded its reach to higher-level skills training such as courses for technicians and engineers from Tata Power and other companies. TPSDI has become a go-to skills training institute for college youth who view the training as a valuable bridge closing the gap between education and industry. The success of TPSDI is largely due to its courses imparting demand-based and employment-oriented skills training thus contributing to a supply pool of skilled workforce for the Indian power industry. 

Through a network of primary training hubs and outreach programmes, TPSDI has taken its skills training to 46 locations across India