Monday, August 8, 2022
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#YoungWarrior: CBSE’s new initiative to fill pandemic-induced learning gap; Employability in business education

#YoungWarrior: CBSE’s new initiative to fill pandemic-induced learning gap

In order to correct the learning gap created by the pandemic, CBSE is empowering schools with essential life and employability skills which will make the student better equipped for the future. In collaboration with YuWaah, UNICEF, and Udhyam Learning, the four-week programme, #YoungWarrior NXT initiative, will be held in 500 schools for class 9 and 11 students. According to the Training and Skill Education Director of CBSE, Biswajit Saha, this optional and learning-based module aims to fill the learning gap caused by the pandemic in the past two years and will also focus on the all-round development of the students as envisioned in the National Education Policy of 2020. Read more.

Employability in business education: Opportunities and challenges

Students have been opting for the business stream because of its promise of practical education in day-to-day aspects of life, but more than that, increased employability value. Having a business undergraduate degree seemed ideal along with a post-graduation for a career that is high paying. But with the changing times, especially during the pandemic, the needs and requirements of hiring managers changed. Merely having a business degree was not enough to guarantee a job. Recruiters increasingly began looking for candidates who possessed skills that match the changing requirements of the dynamic business world. Fresh graduates are not equipped with such skills, creating a skill gap from what exists and what is required. Students and aspiring job seekers need to continuously keep upgrading their skill set to remain relevant in a job market that keeps changing. Read more.

Education Ministry begins registration for Vidyanjali higher education volunteer programme

The Ministry of Education has begun accepting registrations for Vidyanjali Higher Education Volunteer Programme from young professionals, PG and PhD students, professionals, retired or working teachers, and retired or working government officials. Volunteers will get to directly interact with the relevant academic service and activity they have chosen and may also donate assets and equipment. This portal allows volunteers to make their skills and services available and known to institutions, and institutions can also publish their requirements of volunteers. With almost 27 activities and sponsorship services, volunteers are able to provide support even with basic classroom equipment for teaching, or civil and electrical infrastructure, or even digital infrastructure. Read more.

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