Monday, August 8, 2022
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Women from a village in Andhra Pradesh join the fight against COVID-19 by stitching PPEs

Mangena Muthyalu Samajika Lace Uthpathi Kendram, the tailoring unit promptly took up an order from the Government of Andhra Pradesh to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) a few days ago. This was made possible with the help of 1M1B, an NGO that is focused on empowering the youth of India through entrepreneurship, especially in rural areas. Established by Manav Subodh in 2014, the organisation, along with the clothiers of the village, stood up to fight against the trying times of coronavirus by seizing opportunities to help themselves as well as the people in need.

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Today, the tailoring unit stands revived, with 240 women, most of whom live below the poverty line, working to produce 5,000 lab coats, 15,000 masks, and 6,000 shoe covers every day. From no livelihood to earning at least Rs 6,000 a month, they have come a long way.

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