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Vocational Training Cum Tutorial Center Inaugurated; Study by NGO reveals girls benefits higher towards their education

Vocational Training Cum Tutorial Center Inaugurated by TPCODL to Increase Youth Employability

The TP Central Odisha Distribution Limited or the TPCODL and the Government of Odisha inaugurated a Vocational Training Center along with a Tutorial Center. The inauguration was carried out by the Honorable MLA of Banki, Shri Devi Ranjan Tripathy, having the CEO of TPCODL as well as other senior officials also present at the ceremony. As a part of a CSR initiative of TPCODL, this Vocational Cum Tutorial Center aims to increase the employability of local youths by enhancing their skill sets in trades that are industry-driven. The center will conduct free tutorial classes and training in Stitching & Tailoring to 50 beneficiaries, students from Class 5 to 8, over 6 months and they will be provided with certificates from Recognized Certifying Agencies. The establishment of this center will benefit over 2000 households across 7 villages. Read more.

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Study by NGO reveals girls benefit higher than boys for every rupee spent towards their education

In order to decipher why the government needs to prioritise investment on the health, well-being, and education, the NGO, Population Foundation of India, commissioned a study that revealed that an average Indian’s income can be increased by 6.7% for every additional year of education. A notable finding in this study was that this return in investment is higher for girls with 8.6% than boys with the number at 6.1%.It was also found that an economic benefit of Rs 4.5 to 8.2 can be achieved in the future earnings of an individual for every rupee that is spent towards completing school-level education. This study was able to establish the cost for providing mental health facilities to adolescents for the coming six years at Rs8,134Cr. The cost of giving out folic acid and iron tablets to adolescents also came up to approximately Rs3,000Cr per year. Read more.

ITI Maharashtra learn about skill development and training at ITI Berhampur

In an opportunity to visit the Berhampur Campus of ITI (Industrial Training Institute) in Odisha, 40 members, consisting mostly of female students, from ITI Maharashtra interacted with the female students of IT, Berhampur and exchanged information about family backgrounds, their motivations in joining ITI, skills they are being trained it, the safety and security in the course of the training, and about the support they are receiving in terms of job placement from the institute. The principal of ITI Berhampur, Dr Rajat Panigrahy, explained the conduct of the institute to the visitors and also educated them about how the institute integrates waste management through the skill development programme, the institute branding, and the design thinking laboratory. The visitors learned about the skills and training methods at ITI Berhampur by going around the workshops. The instructors at ITI Maharashtra are now all set to attend a week long training at ITI Berhampur for practical exposure. Read more.

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