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Videos – Manish Sabharwal, Chairman, TeamLease Services On Leveraging Apprenticeships – Part-I

India Apprenticeship Forum hosted its flagship event “Leveraging The Power Of Apprenticeships For Creating Human Capital”, on 20th December 2019, at Taj MG Road in Bengaluru.

The 2nd keynote address was delivered by Mr. Manish Sabharwal, Chairman, TeamLease Services Limited. We present here Part – I of the video snippets of his address.

The evolution of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships and employability change lives in ways that no subsidy ever can.

The new world of education

In a world where Google knows everything, knowledge is useless. Learning how to learn is more important.

The new world of work

We are looking at a paradigm shift where the average tenure of an employee is shrinking and new non-office workplaces are emerging. 

The new world of capitalism

Modern corporations are more valued for their intangible assets than their fixed assets – their brand, their intellectual property, their research, their human capital etc.,

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The new world of globalization

While the Indian diaspora is a strong community, it is not likely to grow substantially from now on due to many reasons, stricter visa regime for one. The ideas are now mobile but capital not so much.

India’s biggest problem may not be jobs!

Here’s an interesting take on jobs vs employed poverty.

We need more productive enterprises

India has 64M enterprises but the US economy is 8 times bigger with only 22M enterprises. We need productive enterprises rather than 63M enterprises.

The jobs vs wages conundrum

India is changing because it has finally realized that its problem is not jobs but wages. The youth today realizes that there is an opportunity cost to their time.

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