Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Training completion rates of vulnerable candidates under the PMKVY low

As per a RTI report only 23% of the vulnerable candidates managed to complete special courses set up for them under the PMKVY in 2018-2019. The Chandigarh training centres had collaborated with Primero Skills and Training Pvt Ltd and IACT Education Pvt Ltd to deliver wellness, tourism, hospitality and healthcare based training in 3 centres to the vulnerable youth. Law enforcement agencies were assigned the task to bring the vulnerable candidates for training as the trainees made up of youths who were school dropouts, juvenile delinquents and youth based in high crime zones and so on.

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Although the release of funds to support the training program was planned in a systematic manner, the program has not seen much success, as Police SP Manoj Kumar Meena clarifies that the Chandigarh Police was only responsible for bringing the trainees to the training centres, the success or failure of the program could be solely attributes to the trading partners of National Skill Development Corporation. As per the RTI Report, the Chandigarh Police has incurred an expenditure of over Rs 83 Lakhs to establish the three training centres. Read more.

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