Saturday, December 5, 2020
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TRAIN THE TRAINER: an initiative towards further advancement

Ministry of Skill, Development and Entrepreneurship is joining hands with IBM( International Business Machines) as a part of Skill India campaign for training the ITI (Industrial Training Institute) teachers in basic AI (artificial intelligence). The training program will take place in 7 locations across the country and will train 10,000 members of ITI in a period of just one year. The training will be piloted by only 14 trainers. 

This prodigious collaboration is done to help the ITI trainers to inculcate what they are learning in their basic work module which will boost up their efficiency and effectiveness. This will provide an upper hand to the trainers who have the imperative responsibility of transmitting education to the upcoming generations.

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Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey has announced that there will be many more training events that will help build highly proficient youth of India.

In this age of globalisation, the competition is rocketing and it is very critical to stop the plethora of brain drain and provide as many opportunities as possible in our own country. The inevitable generation gaps lead to the technological gap between the teachers and students, having basic AI skills will help in overcoming this complication which will lead to a better connection between the two. New technologies and techniques will lead to better and improved learning and retention, as we know for a fact that how easily the youngsters remember the movies, the dialogues but how fast they forget all the equations and formulas. The more skilled our youth will be faster will be the rate of development of our country. To compete with the superpowers of the world it is necessary that we take our game up a notch and training the trainer is one big step towards it.

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