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Three Skill development trainings in farming as Srinagar; NSDC and Hero Vired collaborate to Offer Internships

Three Skill development trainings in farming and agriculture for rural youth conducted as Srinagar

The Directorate of Extension conducted three training skill development programmes, collaborating with the Division of Vegetable Sciences SKAUST-K and MANAGE Hyderabad for rural youth (STRY). The three programmes were “Kitchen gardening – a way towards Nutritional Security an economic empowerment”, “Production of Organic Manure with special reference to vermicomposting technology”, and “Quality seed production of vegetables crops with special reference to tissue culture techniques”. Prof Nazir Ahamd Ganie, the Vice Chancellor, addressed the gathering stressing on how agriculture can play a vital role in leading Jammu & Kashmir to self-sufficiency as well as nutritional security, given the climatic conditions of the valley. Read more.

NSDC and Hero Vired collaborate to Offer Internships, Industry Projects, Financial Aid to Youth

The National Skill Development Corporation or the NSDC has entered a collaboration with an edtech company, Hero Vired, in a move to support professionals as well as higher education aspirants by offering internships, industry projects, and financial aid. According to the official notice, all the programmes under this collaboration will be co-certified by the NSDC and aligned to the National Skill Qualification Framework or the NSQF. The learners will be equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the tools and technologies, the business aspect, as well as soft skills for problem-solving across fields. Part-time students can work on industry projects, but only full-time students will get internship opportunities. The first 300 students who are underprivileged economically will be given a loan guarantee for 6 to 11 months. Read more.

Vice President Presents Nehru and Tagore Literacy Awards

Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, the Vice President of the country, presented the Nehru and Tagore Literacy Awards in New Delhi, where he addressed the gathering, including all stake holders, of private sector as well, to take initiative and support the government in skills training and adult education. He explained the concept of PSR or Personal Social Responsibility saying, “Every educated youth in villages and colonies should come forward and teach at least one person from their localities or communities how to write and, how to operate digital devices and how to avail themselves of benefits of government schemes.” He also stressed on the importance of imparting digital and financial literacy to the masses while also calling for an eradication of illiteracy. Read more.

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