TeamLease survey shares the significance of Apprenticeship Raise

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According to a survey conducted by TeamLease Services in collaboration with JustJobs Network, expanding the number of apprenticeships from the current 500,000 to 1 million annually will aid in reducing unemployment in the nation. A plan for extending the range of apprenticeships is included in the report. Rituparna Chakraborty, co-founder and executive director, TeamLease Services emphasised the importance of Apprenticeship programmes to fill the skill gaps in India. According to the survey, an apprentice transitions into the workforce more smoothly than a non-apprentice. Additionally, it claims that India would be able to create 10 million apprenticeships in the following ten years with the help of an employer-led training manual, a smoother governance framework, programmes for apprentice welfare, and a change in university methodology.

The game-changing skills of the future; Learn and unlearn the possibilities

If you have technical expertise, the realm of possibilities is open to you. According to three different rankings from LinkedIn, Upwork, and Adobe, computer programming and technical design skills top the list of the skills companies are seeking in candidates. Additionally, the popularity of online content and digital content products suggests that job searchers may benefit from having strong visual communication abilities. Employers that understand how to draw in and hold consumers’ attention are sought after by businesses that place a high priority on their social media presence, mobile applications, and websites for marketing. You should take into account the top career abilities listed below. Future skills include developing for blockchain, cloud and distributed computing, virtual reality (VR), search engine optimization, mobile development, virtual reality (VR), scientific computing, algorithm design, and others. You might learn even more comparable skills through online courses, internship programmes, and independent study techniques. Flow with the changing winds and soar to a bright future.

Skill Development Programme on Manufacture of Jute Diversified Products

At the ICAR-NINFET in Kolkata, an eight-day training course on “Production and value addition in jute fibre through the manufacture of diversified products” was launched on behalf of the Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Bihar. The Institute’s breakthrough technologies were emphasised by the Institute’s director, Dr D.B. Shakyawar, who also suggested the significance of producing high-quality fibre and goods with added value. He also highlighted the significance of ICAR-NINFET and ATAMA working together for the benefit of all parties involved in the production and processing of jute. The trainees were given a briefing by Dr A.N. Roy, Head of the TOT Division, on the market need for jute products and the potential for entrepreneurial development in this industry. This handholding course was attended by thirty jute farmers from the Katihar District in Bihar who are involved in the jute crafts industry.

Tata Motors to Expand ‘LEAP’, a real leap in national skill development

Through FY2022, Tata Motors said that their CSR initiatives had a positive influence on around 8 lakh lives. The company has invested roughly Rs. 23.7 crores in CSR operations and increased the number of leaps (Learn, Earn and Progress) centres from two in FY2014 to 60 centres in FY2021 throughout 21 states, training 32,300 adolescents with wages of approximately Rs. 10,000 and higher. In actuality, through FY 2022, 28,500 hours were donated by 34% of the Tata Motors staff to charitable organisations. The business claims to have achieved results that are sustainable and fit for the future across the nation by taking concrete actions to realise the Indian government’s Skill India mission.