Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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TCS launches youth employment program to help Covid victims; DigiSaksham Initiative Launched to Skill Jobseekers

TCS launches youth employment program to help Covid victims

India’s largest software, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) company has launched its very own Youth Employment Program (YEP) in order to support Covid-19 pandemic victims to rebuild their livelihoods and also to provide employment avenues. The YEP, under the CSR flagship program of the TCS, offers courses on Quantitative Aptitude, Programming and Domain SKills, and Business Communication Skills. The aim is to empower women from rural colleges, youth, unemployed graduates who are economically and socially disadvantaged. Over 1,300 nominations were received, 85% of which were recommended by employees as friends and relatives. Read more

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DigiSaksham Initiative Launched to Skill Jobseekers

Microsoft India and the Ministry of Labour and Employment or the MoLE entered into a partnership in order to launch a collaborative digital skills training program, DigiSaksham, for empowering job seekers to compete in an increasingly tech-driven economy. With this joint initiative, the government is able to add to the ongoing efforts made to upskill rural and semi-urban youths by providing access to computing and computer science training to 10 million job seekers, registered on the National Career Services (NCS). This program will be implemented by Aga Khan Rural Support Programme India or the AKRSP-I. Read more.

Class 10 &12 students will receive certificates for skill courses to enter colleges and universities

The ministries of education and skill development are discussing the possibilities of enabling school-level students with vocational courses so that they can enter mainstream colleges and universities with the certificates and credits earned from these courses. Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister for Education, has arranged for the National Institute of Open Schooling or the NIOS, the Central Board of Secondary Education or the CBSE, and the National Council of Vocational Education and Training or the NCVET to discuss the recognition of vocational courses. Read more.

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