Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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Staff efficiency for business growth; Apna’s initiative will help students and workers alike

Staff efficiency for business growth

As the pandemic slows down, all the industries are gearing up to get back to their normal pace. One of the main sectors is the IT-ITes industry which demands employees with social, cognitive, and behavioral skills. People who are going to be the most successful in this post-pandemic era will be those who can communicate efficiently, resolve conflicts, work well with teams, and can find answers to the evolving consumer needs in a dynamic market. One of the main reasons for this changeover is the transformation taking place within work and workplaces. Talent in soft skills and staff efficiency of the industry directly portrays a better overall business. Read more.

Apna’s initiative will help students and workers alike

Apna, India’s largest professional networking platform has collaborated with the Automotive Skill Development Council (ASDC). Together they will put out a platform focused on servicing students and workers. The core of the platform will be focused on the automobile sector and will be providing career counseling and job opportunities. The platform will put forth certified ASDC skilling programs for the first time. The programs will help students and professional candidates improve their skills in the automobile sector. Additionally, it will also provide relevant content and information for career opportunities in particular sectors. Several blogs and whitepapers have also been put out in regards to the same. Read more.

Indian consulate’s efforts to help out fellow Indians in UAE

Indian mission has partnered with Skyline University College and the Indian Association, Sharjah. Their initiative will be focused on helping Indian blue-collar workers in the UAE. The Indian Consulate’s new drive will upgrade the skills and roles of the Indian blue-collar workers. The training will be focused on English language and communication skills, basic computer literacy, and soft skills. It is hoped that these basic skills will make them more employable. More than 3.3 million Indians live and work in the UAE and are known to be hard-working and law-abiding, making them desirable to employers. Their skill sets can be improved and also their employability rates in the UAE through this initiative. Read more.

India needs to overcome its lack of data skills

A new report has indicated that Indians are lacking in machine learning and mathematics thereby having weak data skills. The survey was done by Coursera’s Global Skills Report for the year 2021. Indians are ranking severely low in data analysis and statistical programming which needs to be improved fast. The survey was conducted by referencing performance data of proficiency in business, technology, and data science for over 100 countries. Another report indicated that only 12% of Indians are digitally skilled workers. The key to economic growth and improving the employment rate would probably be upskilling initiatives. Read more.

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