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Skilling – the path to economic revival; Capacity building for employability

Skilling – the path to economic revival in India

According to A M Naik, L&T Group Chairman, we are on our way to recovery from the effects of the pandemic. He stated that we should emphasize on quality skill training, and the way to do that would be to provide training to trainers. Skilling will soon become as prominent as raw materials in any industry. Bigger companies opt to provide the training according to their standards. The SMEs have difficulty achieving this hence they require the help of intermediate agencies to fulfill their worker criteria. Another drawback of the skilling process is the social status issue that arises in India. Read more.

All New: The new Apprenticeship Outlook Report by NETAP is out. Download it here.

Capacity building workshop – one more step towards employability

Islamia College, Srinagar hosted a capacity-building workshop to devise vocational and integrated programs. A bunch of individuals with high knowledge of the subject went through various topics of interest to the candidates applying to the workshop. The seminar was conducted with the aim of improving the educational conditions of the students in J&K by discussing a wide variety of educational topics from elite institutions like IIM and NTPC.

The partnership is aimed at improving internship, apprenticeship, leadership programmes, and faculty development programmes. The program will begin in Srinagar and Jammu and later taken on by all government colleges, in the UT. Read more.

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VIT Chennai, one of the finalists of Microsoft’s ‘Imagine Cup’

During the first virtual edition of ‘Imagine Cup’ organised by Microsoft, VIT Chennai students came out as the finalists. They were one of the 353 team entries and 10000 other individual entries. The VIT team named “Team Intelli-Sense” stands a chance at winning the prize money of USD 75,000 and a mentorship opportunity with Microsoft. The competition is aimed at using artificial intelligence and other technologies to solve some of the world’s most critical social and sustainability problems. This was a collaboration between Microsoft and NSDC. This is a great win for VIT Chennai, considering the number of talented individuals that took part in the event. Read more.

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Indian economy will lead global e-commerce market

MSMEs have garnered a wider consumer base and have reached unexplored niches with the help of e-commerce. The internet has been catering to building up the revenue of MSMEs and thereby enhancing the nation’s revenue. By 2034 India would replace the US as the world’s second-largest e-commerce market if the trend persists with 300-350 million by 2025. In order to get the full power of e-commerce and keep up the trajectory, India has launched policies like Skill India, Make in India, Digital India, and Startup India, etc. E-commerce has completely changed the way of businesses, now an online version is established before making an offline presence. Read more.

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