Friday, July 10, 2020
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Skill-based authorization for recruiting the next generation

India has a huge population. With fewer jobs and more young employees as compared to the population of the country, it is tough for employers to select the right set of candidates. International research reveals that the Indian education system must integrate practical education to enhance the skills of the future generation. This can only be achieved with the help of government, industry experts and academicians. 

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Certifications help in the enhancement of one’s career. If one is applying for the post of a digital marketer with a company then one has to show how much able the person is with his defined set of skills. Certifications based on digital marketing has to be taken up by that person or else he is bound to lag behind with his theoretical knowledge. With the changing corporate world, a professional must upgrade one’s skills to save his job. Is your company introducing Artificial Intelligence within the business operations? Well, in that case, there are certifications available for that as well. These days jobs are skill-based and this is growing to increase with the coming years. 

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