Sunday, September 26, 2021
Home News SC fish farmers to receive free Skill development training

SC fish farmers to receive free Skill development training

SC fish farmers to receive free Skill development training

The Fisheries Research Station or the FRC is hosting a five-day State-level training programme for skill development of fish farmers, fishermen, and rural youth belonging to Scheduled Castes. This training programme is also jointly hosted by the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) and the PV Narasimha Rao Telangana Veterinary University in Hyderabad along with the SC Sub-Plan of the Central Government. The event started with a field visit to the hatchery unit at the FRS in Palair, Kusumanchi Mandal on Monday. Read More

Blended Education: A new way forward

It is a known fact that with age comes wisdom. But it is the experiences you learn from as you grow older and not just the time that passes by. The practical experience takes you a long way as compared to just theoretical knowledge, and therefore we can say that skill-based or practical-based learning is way more beneficial than theoretical learning. With the global pandemic changing the way the world works, it is also shaping a new way forward in education as well. Although theory does go hand-in-hand with practical experience, it is with the practice that one can improve and master a particular skill, while also challenging the learner’s competencies. This kind of blended education, combining theory with vocational training, equips competent professionals for the future. Read more

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Civil Projects reviewed by Director Skill Development 

The progress of civil activities undertaken in ITI Doda and ITI Bhaderwah was reviewed by Sudarshan Kumar, the Director of Skill Development in J&K. XEN R&B Doda, AEE Doda, XEN R&B Bhaderwah, and other institute staff members attended this review meeting. Kumar addressed concerning executing agencies about the pace of early completion of such projects and also passed instructions regarding visiting sites of construction. This meeting was held in a succession of an earlier detailed presentation about the institute by the superintendent ITI Doda. Read more

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