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National Performance Grading of School Education out; Indian education system set for revamp

Punjab leaps from 13th position to the 1st

National Performance Grading for School Education is out – Punjab tops

The Centre has released the national performance grading index of school education for 2019-20. The results were astonishing as Punjab has leapt to the number one spot from its previous year’s ranking of 13th. Learning outcomes and quality, access, infrastructure and facilities, equity, and governance processes to catalyse transformational change in the field of school education are some of the parameters assessed in order to do the grading. This ranking would come as a relief to the current ruling party, as they have been under scrutiny for the lack of results in the government schools in Punjab. The quality of education is still a concern as Punjab is still lacking in learning outcomes and quality of education. Read more.

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The Indian education system might finally receive the much-needed evolution

The Indian system of education has been under fire for a while as many predict that it has become ineffective in providing job securing efficiency. The all India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) requested a revision of the curriculum due to the same reasons. The Chairman predicts the need for change in both the teaching as well as learning aspects of the system. The Indian system remains unchanged for decades now. All university curriculum, including streams such as engineering, arts, science, and commerce are required a curriculum change. The 2020 new education policy also mandates a few additions that will help improve the curriculum. Read more.

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