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The unemployable Indian youth; Linking institutions and industries

The unemployable Indian youth

The youngsters of India do not possess the skill sets to be employed according to recent surveys. While India garners an extremely big workforce, half the graduates turned out to be unemployable thereby creating a requirement for proper skill development. Each year the percentages keep dropping with respect to youth employability. Another leak in the system is that the few that are efficient and skilled prefer to leave the nation in search of better opportunities. Some universities are also seen lacking the effort needed to put in for creating skilled individuals. At this point, upskilling is a very important requirement for India’s economy. Anticipating future career paths and directing education according to that would be very helpful to the economy. Read more.

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Linking institutions and industries

The Indian government has been making strides in various sectors in order to help skill the citizens and make them self-reliable and employable. They are hoping to achieve this by making a connection between educational institutions, Industries and R&D Institutions. Impacting Research Innovation & Technology (IMPRINT) will help find engineering solution in sectors such as health care, energy, sustainable habitat, nano-technology hardware, water resources and river systems, advanced materials, Information and communication technology, manufacturing, security and defence, and environmental science and climate change. Then the Research Park initiative will help collaborate entrepreneurship and industry in order to help boost the economy. Both initiatives have seen a high budget being spent on them. Read more.

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A special initiative for the specially-abled

Paying attention to the employment of the specially-abled, Navdharna, an initiative by Himachal Pradesh Kaushal Vikas Niagam (HPKVN) will promote employment oriented training in the tourism and hospitality and retail for them. The programme is set to provide training to 300 silent or speech/hearing impaired, locomotor challenged and acid attack victims of the state in three major sectors. Completion of the programme would present the candidates with nationally recognized certification and the programme itself is free with residential facility. The National Handicapped Financing and Development Corporation (NFHDC) were also present in the briefing providing light on the various other opportunities prevalent for the specially-abled. Many other related groups and organization representatives were also present for propagation of the programme. Read more.

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India, a front runner for digital transformation

India has been making strides with its digitally competitiveness. The government has sketched out elaborate plans by partnering with private players to achieve the same. Sectors such as education, financial services, manufacturing, energy, urban development, and healthcare will receive a digital boost making India the country with a billion digital users by 2030. Citizen ecosystem solutions in priority sectors and blending OT (operational technology) and IT (information technology) is going to be the way for the advancements. Digital cash, technology oriented education solutions, emerging manufacturing technologies, controlled but efficient urban development and accelerated technological advancements are the major points that will observe an accelerated growth. Read more.

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