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Kia Motors’ Global CSR Program; Skills Training in Electric Vehicles by MakerMax

Global CSR Program Launched by Kia Motors

The Green Light Project is a global social mobility program established by Kia Motors in 2012. The company’s first Green Light Project corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in India has started in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh where Kia in partnership with the regional government is embarking on a series of projects to in vocational training and education in three educational institutions.

At the government polytechnic in Anantapur, Kia has partnered with not-for-profit Save the Children to upgrade classrooms and develop basic training modules for students aspiring to work in India’s buoyant automotive industry. The Indian automotive industry (including component manufacturing) is projected to get to US$ 251.4-282.8 billion by 2026.

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At the Anantapur Industrial Training Institute, Kia is supporting the development of a driver’s license training scheme for up to 100 students a year. Kia is aiding the development of new training modules focused on vocational and practical training along with basic information and communications technology (ICT) training to boost employability skills of candidates.

At the government polytechnic in Hindupur, Kia is donating a custom made vehicle equipped with educational material to become a mobile school for students from far flung elementary schools.

CSR funding in India is projected to cross the Rs. 50,000 crore mark by March 2019 of which education and skills development projects are likely to benefit from Rs. 15,000 crores.

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Skills Training in EV on Offer by MakerMax

Canadian company MakerMax intends to expand its India operations in 2019 by providing skills training in electric vehicles (EV) to 500 students and engineers in the automotive sector. This is in line with India’s clean energy ambitions and a future demand for trained personnel in such technologies. For example, a masterclass on batteries was recently conducted. To achieve maximum coverage, the masterclasses are also offered online over four months for both students and professionals working in the automotive industry.

Such training is crucial for companies such as MakerMax as they believe Indian educational and training institutes have not kept pace with rapidly changing EV technologies.

MakerMax co-founder Akshay Gill said, “MakerMax is striving to bridge this gap by providing high-quality intensive courses for students and professionals, coupled with uniquely designed hardware kits, interactive live sessions and mentorship from industry experts for enhanced engagement and higher retention.”

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