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How Shahrukh Mansuri built his career

For those wanting to do something with their skills and upgrade their careers, DDUGKY has been a huge support system. It’s an Institute that helps students gain professional exposure in the world of formal employment.

Shahrukh Mansuri is a young gentleman with big dreams and hails from the Chilkala, District Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. He completed his graduation despite the meager financial resources of this family. Shahrukh’s father is a poor farmer and struggled to earn the bread for his family. Right after his graduation, Shahrukh got a job as a Customer Care Executive in Karvy Digikonnect, Ahmedabad. Mansuri’s first salary was only Rs.8000 which wasn’t enough to support his family needs as well as his own needs. During that period of crisis, he came across a course in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) under DDUGKY. The course was being conducted by TeamLease Services Limited (Satlam Centre). 

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As soon as he finished the training, he received an opportunity to work with Sybex Support Services (P) Limited. His designation was Field Investigator and he had to visit specific rural and urban areas for the collection of data. Shahrukh’s salary now is Rs.19,500 per month. His jump of salary is worth noticing. He is very grateful to DDUGKY for providing him with such an extraordinary course as it allowed him to gain exposure in the corporate world. Currently, with the help of his present salary, he is able to fulfill his family’s dreams and pull them out of poverty. Presently, he is urging other young friends to go for the course under DDUGKY because it will give them an edge over other graduates.

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