Monday, August 8, 2022
Home News ‘Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy’ - A venture to 'mine' the talents

‘Hindustan Zinc Mining Academy’ – A venture to ‘mine’ the talents

To assist in the training of internal talent sources from business partners in mining operations, Hindustan Zinc has established a new Mining Academy in Zawar. The company conducted research to help evaluate Jumbo Drill Operators as an occupation where additional and better-skilled people could be shown to be especially helpful in addressing the problem of a skilled labour shortage. Hindustan Zinc has strengthened this programme with a variety of features, including a 3D simulator, a cutting-edge Virtual Reality tool used to teach heavy machinery operators. The simulators have been shown to be a cheap, secure, and productive way to deliver the necessary training for ideas and skills, covering controls familiarisation and process compliance, among others. The most critical piece of on-the-job training is Operator Shadowing, in which candidates closely observe the Jumbo operators who are assigned to them as trainers to get in-depth practical knowledge.

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