HHSIF collaborates with ICT Academy and UiPath Academic Alliance to launch India Youth Teckathon 2022

NSDC and British Asian joins hands

To equip students with the ability to build, enhance and install basic software-based robots as well as test literacy for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), an open hackathon, the Honeywell India Youth Teckathon 2022, was launched by Honeywell Hometown Solutions India Foundation or the HHSIF in collaboration with the ICT Academy. As a continuation of a programme that provides training in advanced technologies like big data, RPA, cloud, networking, ML, and AI, called Honeywell Student Empowerment Program, the aim of this hackathon is to prepare young men and women as the future work force. Global Vice President of Communications for Honeywell, Bevin Maguire, said at the launch, “The Honeywell Student Empowerment Program seeks to make new-age technical skills accessible and affordable for thousands of students.” UiPath Academic Alliance will be providing the certification as well as curriculum.

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How gig work platforms exploit workers while claiming to promote entrepreneurship

Platforms like Swiggy, Urban Company, Ola, or also known as Gig work platforms, claim to be skill development actors by offering ‘upskilling’ opportunities as they provide short-term training and certifications to their workers. Some prominent platforms have advocated for a bigger role in the policy for skill development by including platform work as a mechanism for skilling by teaming up with the MSDE. But the standardisation of these platforms do not allow existing skills to be recognised. The customer review system of these platforms ends up controlling the skill assessment of these workers.