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GEURS places IIT Delhi as Most Employable Worldwide; Blend skill development in school

GEURS places IIT Delhi as 27th Most Employable Worldwide

The Global Employability University Ranking and Survey or the GEURS has placed IIT Delhi among the world’s 100 most employable universities in its 11th edition this year. Having the highest employable graduates in India, IIT Delhi surpassed the ranking of the University of California Berkley, University of Chicago, and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore at the 27th place. This survey also revealed that recruiters have given priority to subject specialization and digital and soft skills more than academic excellence for the first time, showing that strong digital literacy and subject specialism skills are given preference when hiring. Bangalore University has also for the first time appeared in the top 250 employable institutes worldwide. The Times Higher Education or the THE employability ranking 2020 has placed India as the 15th most employable country. Read more.

Blend skill development in school education to equip tomorrow’s workforce

Skill development needs to be instilled in children at the school level during their impressionable years, so that the young generation is prepared and equipped to bring in a new era of change and sustainability in world that is constantly transforming. Shifting to approached that are advanced and skill-based will promote independence in the child, enhance their creativity, encourage teamwork, develop social and communication skills, and make them fast learners. To prepare today’s children for the workforce of tomorrow, future-ready skills need to be identified and tailor-make curricula that will suit the child. Creativity and communication must be encouraged very early on. Students need to be given the freedom and authority to lead classrooms to be better in technology deployment decisions. Students need to be taught how to think on their feet in order to deal with emergency situations to cope with the accelerated pace of life. Students also need to be taught to overcome the fear of failure and take calculated risks. Moving forward, students and teachers need to work hand-in-hand where creativity and imagination flow freely so that students of tomorrow’s workforce can discover their skills and enhance them in the right way. Read more.

Industry Linkage Cell launched by KSDC to improve youth employment

An ‘Industry Linkage Cell’ was launched by the Karnataka Skill Development Corporation in order to improve the employment opportunities and to build strong relationships between Industry and Academia. Speaking at the inauguration of this initiative, the Minister for IT/BT and Skill Development, Dr. C.N. Ashwatha Narayana, said that this linkage cell will oversee and monitor the industry linkage activities for 31 districts. The end-to-end design and development as well as state-level interventions for the industry connect workflow will also be managed by this linkage cell. The focus is to address challenges of a growing Indian economy with the open doors of government’s skilling activities so that industries can contribute and join hands. This collaboration also aims to bridge skill gap as well as provide demand-based skilled manpower. Read more.

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