What roles do education and skill building play in achieving a $5 trillion target for the Indian economy? Indeed, the recent Budget has been high on intent as reflected in the draft New Education Policy which promises to bring massive changes to education. An education revamp closely aligned with future jobs is being seriously considered as the stepping stone to addressing the fundamental factors leading to sustainable skills-based job creation i.e. employment-oriented education and skill development. 

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What does a ‘social stock exchange’ mean in engaging more private players and PPP models in developmental efforts including education? How does education link into Skill India and what are the components of this relationship? Another crucial cog in the workforce advancement machinery is technical and vocational education. With a high dependency of skill development, education and employment creation on each other, harnessing opportunities in each of these through innovative partnerships involving corporates is now on ‘mission critical’ mode according to Narayanan Ramaswamy, Education & Skill Development, KPMG India. Read here to find out more. 

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