Sunday, September 26, 2021
Home Articles Demand for blood sample collectors has soared by 30-40%

Demand for blood sample collectors has soared by 30-40%

Metropolis Healthcare, Healthians, SRL Diagnostics, Apollo Hospital and Max Healthcare are few chains who are meeting the rising demand for phlebotomists by introducing
perks like allowance per home visit and increments for blood sample collection. Manpower Group India has even started a new vertical dedicated to meeting the growing demand. Over the months, the demand has risen by 30-40 percent and 20,000 new phlebotomy jobs are expected to be created by the next year as well.

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Once must acquire a 2 year diploma in medical laboratory technology to be eligible for the job. Moreover, establishments are willing to indulge in apprenticeship hiring to lower costs and meet demands.

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