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Apprenticeship Talks – In conversation with Kapila Ajgaonkar, HR Business Manager at TVS LSL

During our Q and A session with Kapila Ajgaonkar, we got an insight into how TVS LSL is leveraging the apprenticeship model to gain a competitive advantage over its peers. During the interview, Kapila mentioned that the supply chain industry is becoming more and more automation driven. “A lot of focus is being put on developing technology which will reduce dependence on manpower, give accurate and real-time data and cut costs.” Kapila told us during the interview. She said that the organization is getting aligned in terms of securing the right talent for the anticipated growth by following strategic hiring. “For entry-level roles, we hire employees on a fixed-term contract basis or take them as NEEM Trainees. We give them on the job training and evaluate their performance on an annual basis. We then offer them permanent roles if they are found suitable,” Kapila cited. 

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Kapila Ajgaonkar
Kapila Ajgaonkar, HR Business Manager at TVS LSL

Our next question to Kapila was how TVS LSL is taking initiatives to create talent to which she responded saying, “As mentioned earlier for junior level positions we hire employees with less experience and put them on fixed-term contracts. We train them and then if found suitable, we offer them permanent roles. For mid and senior-level positions, we select employees internally who are performing well and groom them for higher roles through individual development plans and other training interventions.”

Kapila explained to us in detail how her company leverages the apprenticeship model where trainees are taken at entry-level and trained to make them suitable for higher roles. She further added on her concluding note that deploying the NEEM trainees has been a cost-effective solution for the organization as compared to having regular employees. These employees since trained are a ready source of manpower for higher roles.

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