In a recent Q&A session held under Apprenticeship Talks, we asked Bhagwan Ippar, Senior HR Executive, Excel Industries, various questions regarding building talent in the organization and how the company is benefitting from leveraging apprenticeships. During a candid interview, he mentioned that multitasking, automation, cost reduction in ERE are some of the emerging trends that the industry has come across while new product development, identifying growth partners on the global level are going to be the key growth drivers in the industry. 

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Bhagwan Ippar,
Senior HR Executive at Excel Industries Ltd

When asked how the organization is aligned with the anticipated growth when it comes to talent, he mentioned that the organization has been training existing employees and hiring fresh engineers from reputed colleges. He further added that the organization has taken various initiatives like NEEM Program Implementation, BOAT trainees, Assessment Center, etc to keep creating talent.

He concluded his note by mentioning that the organization has been leveraging the apprenticeship model for some time now and reaping the benefits of it.

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