Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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Andhra Pradesh government holds meeting with industry, academia, and skill sector to create skill ecosystem

The Government of Andhra Pradesh holds a meeting for the councils of Industry, Academia, and Skill Sector for the creation of a strong skill ecosystem in order to meet the emerging market demands and industrial requirements. The focus of this meeting is to create 175 skill hubs for each Assembly constituency, a skill college for each parliamentary constituency, and a state-of-the-art skill university. CEOs of each stakeholder sector will measure the ‘in-demand’ courses of National Skill Qualification Framework or NSQF levels. The purpose of the meeting is to be able to map skill development courses, design curriculum, develop content and training methods as the baseline assessment for candidates.

School education department of Tamil Nadu plans to improve students’ skill set

As a step to improve the skill sets of students, Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi, the Education Minister of Tamil Nadu, has announced that the department is making plans to be implemented in the coming academic year. To narrow the learning gap caused due to the pandemic, the government has proposed monthly PTA meetings and to resume activities of environment, arts, and literature clubs. Cultural festivals and sports events will also be held at the school level to encourage interest in arts and sports among the students. The government has planned on introducing programmes for mathematics, engineering, science, and technology as well.

Skill gap causing challenges in employability

Although there is a rise in the number of job opportunities that provide a profitable career for professionals that are upskilled, organisations still face a shortage of skilled workforce. In today’s age of digitisation and automation, the skills of professionals are losing relevance. Even half of the graduates lack the required skills for employability. These skill gaps cause low productivity levels, increased training costs, and higher employee turnover ratios. Even the education system in the country does not have enough skilled faculty so that learners can be equipped for the industry. The in-class training methods prove to be obsolete when it comes to the job market. Read more.

Central govt’s campaign reaches schools in Goa to improve literacy, numeracy skills in primary kids

For the purpose of improving the foundational literacy and numeracy skills among children between the ages of 3 and 11, a series of activities is going to be conducted including the Parent Teacher Associations or PTAs and other community members as a part of the NIPUN Bharat campaign or the ‘National Initiative for Proficiency in Reading with Understanding and Numeracy’ from May 4th to 18th. Schools will conduct activities such as gardening, nature walks, exploring school library, picture reading, and reading aloud to children whereas parents will be educated about activities that can be carried out at home like hunting shapes, naming tings, making toys and story books, telling a story, etc. The purpose of tis initiative is to make sure that all kids achieve foundational literacy and numeracy by the time they reach the third grade in 2026-27.

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