Thursday, July 9, 2020
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An initiative by NGO to increase youth employability

An NGO named Al-Khair Society is launching some great initiatives to help increase the employability of youth. At a time where almost every other person is complaining about the issue of unemployment in our country, Al-Khair society is setting an example and delivering some great projects to help youth in building their skills and future. This NGO started a free computer centre at its old city office, Purani Haveli for poor and underprivileged. The organizers believe that by learning some basic courses, unemployed youth can have a chance to polish their skills and they can even start their own business ventures. All they need is the right set of skills and guidance which is unaffordable for them today. With the objective of providing free computer education for the poor, the NGO charges a nominal fee of INR 300.

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The drive has gained huge popularity and the registration for the same has been started. The faculty will teach them the basics of computers in different batches for males and females. Azam Ali Baig of Al-Khair Society said that this is a brilliant platform for youth to avail of this wonderful opportunity and they should grab as much as they can. Irrespective of their religious background, youth can utilize this chance and get connected with the latest advancements in the modern world.

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